“Autonomous and Connected Vehicles:A New Challenge for Smart Cities”主题的学术报告讲座
发布时间:2017-12-11作者: 来源:计算机学院

主题:Autonomous and Connected Vehicles:A New Challenge for Smart Cities
主讲人:Azzedine Boukerche教授 加拿大渥太华大学
  In this presentation,we will share results from several major research projects related to the design of "cognitive"cars and smart roads applications through the DIVA Strategic Research Network,the TRANSIT Network and the PARADISE Research Laboratory at the University of Ottawa.First,we will review the main challenges of this work include modeling,simulation and design issues and discuss some results obtained recently.Next,we will talk about LIVE testbed,a convergence of distributed simulation,wireless multimedia and vehicular sensor technologies we are developing at DIVA and PARADISE Research Laboratory for an urban vehicular grid .This testbed will facilitate and enable us to evaluate and design new protocols and applications for future generations of autonomous/connected vehicular and sensor network technologies.
  Azzedine Boukerche,加拿大渥太华大学( University of Ottawa,Canada)教授。IEEE Fellow、加拿大工程院(CAE)院士、加拿大工程研究院(EIC)院士、美国科学促进会(AAAS )会士。Azzedine Boukerche教授是加拿大渥太华大学的高级研究主席,并领导NSERC-DIVA战略研究网络和NSERC TRANSIT研究网络的工作,同时是渥太华大学PARADISE研究实验室的科研主任。曾在NASA位于加州理工学院的喷气推进实验室(JPL/NASA)研究飞船的软件规范和认证。Azzedine Boukerche教授曾获得许多国际奖项如IEEE的G.Gotlieb奖章、安大略省首席研究员奖、IEEE TCPP等。他的研究兴趣包括无线通信和移动网络、传感器网络、无线多媒体、分布式和移动计算、分布式移动系统、大规模分布式交互仿真、基于网格的分布式仿真等。

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